Cheila comes back from Canada to spend her holidays at the beautiful house she bought to her mother with a lot of effort. She also brings great news: she will finally make her dream true, changing her sex to become “a complete woman.” Cheila will have surgery soon; however she needs her family support.

The once beautiful house is now fully deteriorated and occupied by a chaotic mob of brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces. Cheila will face hard truths, rethinking the relation with herself and her family and realizing the main problems of her family: lack of love, lack of tolerance and meanness.


General Information

Year: 2010
Nationality: Venezuela
Genre: Drama
Format: 35mm, Color
Sound: Dolby Digital Surround 5.1
Length: 90 minutes


Endry Cardeño - Cheila
Violeta Alemán – Mom
Aura Rivas – Grandmother
José Manuel Suárez - Cheíto
Elodie Bernardeau - Katy
Luke Grande - Bachaco
Rubén León - Reinaldo
Nelson Acosta - Guicho
Freddy Aquino - Dayán
Moisés Berroterán - Kevin
Verónica Arellano - Norma
Carolina Torres - Zulia
Glenis Colina - Maigua
Guillermo Londoño - Gay Singer
Víctor Soto - Tranvestite La Lupe
Rhandy Piñango - Moncho


Directed by: Eduardo Barberena
Original Screenplay: Elio Palencia
Casting Director William: Cuao
Sound Designer: Frank Alexander González
Costume Designer: Alexander López
Art Director: Adriana Vicentelli
Original Music: José Ramón Carranza
Editing: Yolimar Aquino
Camera: Oscar Bolívar
Photography: Director Mahmood Patel
Producer: Nelson Carranza
Executive Producer: Villa del Cine


Original of José Ramón Carranza Dudamel