Cheila comes back from Canada to spend her holidays at the beautiful house she bought to her mother with a lot of effort. She also brings great news: she will finally make her dream true, changing her sex to become “a complete woman.” Cheila will have surgery soon; however she needs her family support.

The once beautiful house is now fully deteriorated and occupied by a chaotic mob of brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces. Cheila will face hard truths, rethinking the relation with herself and her family and realizing the main problems of her family: lack of love, lack of tolerance and meanness.


Elio Palencia

Elio Palencia is one of the most representative authors of the contemporaneous Venezuelan theater. He has written more than a dozen drama texts, most of them brought to the screens and others have been published. Palencia has received several prizes standing out the CELCIT Prize to the Best Author (2004) and the Municipal Prize of Theater “Jose Ignacio Cabrujas” to the most distinguished author, in two consecutive years (2007 and 2008). His career in theater has gone parallel to his work for television, in which he has been part of teams for science fiction programs as screenwriter, scenarist and coordinating projects. In movies, he has participated in some short films and he wrote the full-length “At the Back of the Avenue” for Gente de Cine, jointly with the Director Roman Chalbaud. Palencia's screenplay “A house for Mom,” based on his theater text “Dayana's House,” was chosen in 2007 by the Villa del Cine in the 1st Call for Full-Length Science Fiction Film Ideas.