Cheila comes back from Canada to spend her holidays at the beautiful house she bought to her mother with a lot of effort. She also brings great news: she will finally make her dream true, changing her sex to become “a complete woman.” Cheila will have surgery soon; however she needs her family support.

The once beautiful house is now fully deteriorated and occupied by a chaotic mob of brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces. Cheila will face hard truths, rethinking the relation with herself and her family and realizing the main problems of her family: lack of love, lack of tolerance and meanness.

> Cheila, a house to Maita soon in cinemas

This movie, is a controversial story of a woman born in the body of a man, who pursues his dream of changing sex, and when she return to Venezuela, find a difficult situation that will make her rethink the relationship with herself and her family

Upcoming Cheila, a house to Maita, will be in all theaters of the country thanks to the management of the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura, through the Platform for Film and Audiovisual Media; a production of Villa del Cine, distributed by Amazonia Films.

Directed by Eduardo Barberena and written by Elio Palencia, Cheila, a house to Maita is the story of a woman locked in the body of a man who returns from Canada to enjoy Christmas with her family in the pretty house that she bought to her mother (Maita) some time ago. In seeking to realize his dream of changing their sex and being "total woman" upon return to his native country, she discover the beautiful house in complete decline and occupied by her chaotic family, a situation that will reveal the hard truth about the relationship with herself and her family.

With performances by Endry Cardeño, Violeta Alemán, Aura Rivas, José Manuel Suárez, Elodie Bernardeau, Luke Grande, Rubén León, Nelson Acosta, Freddy Aquino Moises Berroterán, Veronica Arellano, Carolina Torres, Glenis Hill, Guillermo Londoño, Víctor Soto and Rhandy Pinango, with the musical participation of José Ramón Carranza, Cheila a house to Maita, will come to our cinemas with a complex story that portrays a world in which the sacrifices, the lack of tolerance and self-seeking fighting for supremacy.

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